Sunday, March 01, 2015


So it's once again a new year, and instead of blogging daily as I did a decade ago, now I barely even recall that this place exists.

When I looked at the previous entry I realise I still have issues with insomnia (it's 243am and still not asleep) despite being postcall and jetlagged. And also, I am still grateful for the same people and things, which I am grateful for. :)

Some things have changed though. Things should start to look up now that exams have finally been cleared off my to do/to pass list, and that I have a magical piece of metal in my hands that make me happy when I look down and see that tinge of red and sparkle.

So this year, all I can say is, life is proceeding in all its glory. Glad to be able to keep a positive outlook with the help of the core pillar of support I call my friends and family. Goodnight for now, off to zhimin's big day in less than 4 hours!

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