Monday, August 30, 2004

ready steady pom pee pee

haha that phrase is forever stuck in my head. even when i was doing titration and standing on the rotting chair which rotted and made me fall off and in no way screw up my prac any more than i already did just by panicking. ha what a long sentence. anyway we (as in the people who went to buy presents, not me) bought mr yeo this damn cute kid's singlet that kaiwei fabric painted with his trademark ugly smiley and exclamation mark. wanted to take a picture of it, but too late since we gave it to him today (cos no one's going tmr)

anyway, just wondering what's so good about being a guy. i should want to try one day. as in, not in the goforsexchange way, but just be one for a day. yup hahaha. you get to walk around without shirt and sweat and burp and curse and swear and no one's gonna give you weird looks. no cramps, no headaches, no dying of heartache when you know that brad pitt is married. then you get to play all kinds of cool games, have lotsa muscles, fall down and not feel so much pain (guys have thicker skulls.. it's scientifically proven i think hahaha) guys get a few more years to decide which uni they wanna apply to, and apply for them while doing ns. which i think is quite cool. and not fair! all they have to do is to wait for a stupid batch and then apply for uni that year =p

oh yes happyteachersday! to everyone, since everyone's taught me so much in my 18 years, few months and few days on earth =) so happy that i met so many nice ppl these few years *smiles* suddenly so happy. dun want to be a guy anymore. i want to be a nice person. hm. k i'm delirious.

hm talking to nick about dying. hm. how morbid haha. can someone please invent something to make everyone i love live foreverwith me. i don't like to lose control and leave everything. i don't like not thinking.i don't want to not think. kaisiang once said his best friend's his mind. i think mine is too. and oh goodness, such longago things are still stuck in my head. ="= haha okay nvm. nite

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