Thursday, September 02, 2004


woke up extremely late this morning and got to school after the bell rang so stood outside office till assembly was over and quite happily awaited my white slip for being late. but ha as it turned out they don't book j2s for being late cos "today exam, no booking" haha :D

but tragically, waking up late does not make for a good start to the day. dreamt jo changed my pin code, so when i switched on my phone i typed in the "correct" number, tried again and on the 3rd try woah my damn phone decided to be possessed and ask me for a puk code number. right..... costs about $18 for a new sim card. bah. all my numbers. aiyah, i shall miss my messages, the one where kang said she loved me (haha) juline's last msg as a captain, plus plenty others =p argh stupid dream.

the past few days have been fun/jo-filled. tried to mug but landed up playing badminton in my carpark, in the garden, in the garden and carpark, on the slope leading to the carpark, ya everywhere la. can you believe it i've never played badminton in a proper badminton court =p no wonder i'm not very good haha. i suddenly miss my christmas tree... i suddenly miss a lot of things and people.

if only you knew how inhibited and constipated everyone is. because everything has to be the way you want it. or you'll talk and talk and start crying. not proud of being able to evoke such a response. everybody's trying very hard, but nothing is ever good enough. pa is so patient, and everyone else has selective hearing. except me. you're stubborn, too old to change, just like that. but please, just try to listen and understand from time to time? it's very difficult to grow up like that you know. hai, someone tell me how to deal with grumpy ladies called mothers =/

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