Monday, September 06, 2004

walking in the rain

hee ;)
haha i've been reduced to giggling...
had chicken rice craving (despite the bird flu scare) so went to ghim moh to have lunch with jm, and ended up sitting there for a long long time cos it started pouring like mad. took his umbrella and wanted to go back to school but that selfish pig wouldn't let me. so we had to share his tiny gay umbrella. but it stopped raining after we walked to the traffic light so that was it =/
hahaha such a funny incident. spent the rest of the night printing out personal statements in different fonts and could only conclude that times new roman is rather cool, very legible, neat and professional.
studied with jm, then yun and jm, then hon. hon's so smart =) i envy her brains, and her legs, and her cute thai friends. hahaha. okay nvm that was crazy.
and hoho i ran this morning! ended up dragging jackie to run, but he was dying halfway up some hill (i think it's namly hill... what else can it be anyway) so i was really dragging him.

why can't he just say something *argh*

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