Friday, September 10, 2004

the nearness of you


british council from now on will be associated with
1. cheap food,
2. good company and
3. all things nice :)

got another ucas form cos i thought i wanted to apply for dentistry if cant get in for med. but i realise i only wanna be a doctor. yes even though i never saved anyone being a crappy first aider, i really really really wanna be a doctor. dya hear that fairgodmother? pleeease? =p

haha adventure this afternoon. waited for about 20 minutes for 174 to come. and when it did it kept stopping and eventually broke down at the next bus stop. so we all had to get down and squeeze with ten thousand other ppl on to the next 174, which took another 20 minutes to arrive. the bus ride to brit council from serene centre only took 5 minutes O_o' but it's okay. hee =p kk i should at least try not to be so obsessed from now on, or at least not let it get to my head and prevent me from mugging

last night kept gushing about cute idol guys. actually not very la, just that the rest cmi hahaha. mr eio is very cute! and that maia person isn't very sexy, spent a very very long time arguing with gabriel about her sexiness. she so does not exude sexiness right right right? yesterday i was playing jackie and klassie in the middle of the morning and heard ks dragging his feet from ten thousand miles away... haha dunno why i keep thinking of that. it's better than thinking of chem or bio (dieeeee) k bye.

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