Monday, September 13, 2004

wait for me

let's talk about the virtue of waiting.
patience, plenty required. time, duh.
what we wait for may or may not come, but some people wait because they are hopeful. like waiting for the coming of a saviour, like a woman waiting for her husband to come home, like a kid waiting for a tooth fairy. to believe in something so strongly that even without empirical evidence, a heart so full of optimism, is nothing less than admirable, enviable too. sometimes though, we wait because we have no alternative. i mean, what else is there to do but sit and see how things turn out? there's really no point rushing into relationships, or making rash decisions, when the smart way is to let things happen on their own. time is beyond our control, so why bother fighting it so stubbornly? save your energy and do charity work.

but then again, waiting is boring.
you never know when something's gonna happen, and you don't feel like doing anything else in the mean time. well of course you should try and occupy yourself and not just stone till the cows come home (sounds like me). waiting's something like a lack of doingsomething. fills you up with anticipation, yet there's an absence of activity. isn't life ironic. i am a hopeless creature, but i cling to whatever i can and play the waiting game, because i'm still young and there's still time. i wonder if i'll still be waiting next year. when i grow older. when i grow up.

someone told me to wait for him. i know he meant so that he could go up and look for a teacher with me, but when i said yes, i couldn't help meaning something else too.

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