Friday, September 17, 2004

worms :)

5 papers down, too many to go.

there's a demonic handphone game out there. it's called worms. you download it, it saves itself under applications and your hand is suddenly possessed. every 2 minutes it creeps away from your pen/pencil/highlighter and stack of prelim papers, and reaches for the phone. your fingers frantically grapple with the number pad, and before you know it you're stranded on an island with at most 4 trees, blowing up/sinking other naked worms. when you finally win/lose, all the chem you mugged 5 minutes ago has dropped out of your brains. but at least there's a cool player v player function and it's always very fun trying to kill one another when you're stressed out =p

bah. so what if we sit too close, or hang out too much. so what if everything seems so weird and so right. if nothing's gonna happen, then nothing's gonna happen. right?
bmat is ridiculous. be a lawyer and save about $300. but i'd love to get into ucl so there goes the money.
haahaha i had a strange dream that i was playing pool after drinking about ten thousand bottles of alcohol.

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