Saturday, September 18, 2004

missing candle

it's a simple case of not-here-not-there-ness. i felt so happy singing the hwa chu song, it's amazing i even know the lyrics; i never sat down to memorise it but it just rolls off my tongue. so glad to carry a lantern amongst people who don't judge, have no intention of backstabbing or fighting with you over some spot in a university. when they sang home, and one nice chinese one, i could feel tears well up at the thought of leaving this place, leaving my best friend even if i didn't go there to study.

yet at the same time it's so strange, i miss rj that darn small old beautiful school. last year i'd say i regret going to rj, but i think i'll really miss it when i leave. *sniff* the netball court touch rug games, people spraining their ankles around this jinxed tree near the steps, the track at night, the library seat next to the pillar (haha my pillar of support when i get tired of mugging), the dirty canteen where we had team talks and one time very nice pizza, mornings with the guys and yun, ALWAYS laughing at jeremy. good times. i hope i won't forget the 2 years in my small old beautiful school.

oh yes super freaky ghost story! happened when tok, daud, jo and i were walking to the swimming pool bus stop from hc. the land somewhere around the street soccer pit is haunted i tell you! haunted! =D yes it really is! we all had lanterns brightly lit (not on fire la...) and then all of a sudden fuzzy's lantern extinguished itself. so we said look into it and see if the candle's toppled over or what. she looked it, discovered no candle, pulled down the sides to see better. and yeah there really wasn't any candle in the lantern! we searched (idiotic looking but nvm) the road for a candle but there was none to be found. wooooo. *scary sounds*

eeee.. where did you go my dearest candle?! if it fell out it'd have burnt the lantern, and there wasn't any hole at the bottom of the lantern, a traditional one... eeee so scary. the jinxed lantern is sitting in my room. hopefully the ghost of that missing candle won't come haunt me =p

ha this is funny, i never knew pharmaceutical companies were so damn rich. yun really must go own one of those one day. they actually GAVE AWAY free mooncake, and good quality ones at that. from lei gardens at chijmes. we were only admiring them the night my brother had his graduation dinner, and my parents suggested it to the sales reps and poof we got free mooncakes. goodness i love them so much :) and we've got free tea set from singtel, so it really was a very nice mid autumn festival tonight, even if the date's totally off and the moon is skinnier than kumweng. that boy is still like a stick *tsk* must eat more! haha it was a great day. i shall go mug more, since so hyper... nite

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