Friday, September 24, 2004

all my life

saved is quite a nice show, watched with jo (who else) and ended up being the only 2 people laughing out loud at things noone laughed at. it's true though, that some people think they are so high and mighty and need to save others from themselves when in actual fact it's only for a sense of security. they have become so lost in doing good deeds that they forget the meaning behind it all, the significance, the soul. but who am i to say anything; i'm not a very active believer, but i do talk to myself or some higher authority half the time, yun can attest to that.

jumping in puddles is very fun, but probably very sad case if you do it alone, and end up getting cold feet cos the air con's blowing at it. i like the calvin and hobbes strip where it's raining outside and he took an umbrella to go out. stood out in the rain for a while, then inverted his umbrella and stomped around in it. eee so cute =) hm, found a perfect christmas present, so :) ! prelims are finally over, the hard part is getting results back. k i'm going to mug for A's liao, but not before playing this weekend, with my parents' permission of course. i miss the rgs uniform. forgotten how i look in a pinafore, and something not green. maybe it'll make me look cuter =p or even better, taller! how about that huh =) i love rambling in long sentences, but it's prob not very nice to read so hmmm, too bad =) k byebye

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