Saturday, September 25, 2004

anal retentive

no wonder everyone's so screwed up, including her. for some reason, going out of the house is a bad idea, even if it's with family. we all have to be prime examples of anti-socialites and mope around in our rooms the whle day to be considered good children. if not she'll get a headache. oh what's new.
so pissing off. piss off. i'm sorry, i'm very sure i'm supposed to appreciate your efforts at raising us, feeding us and educating us. but today's not the day. today i'm pissed off with you, and i can't do a single thing about it. somehow *everything* is about you, if we breathe too noisily, you'll get giddy and blame us. it's not as if you have a disease that'll kill you if we live a little. if we eat something, the dust on the floor must definitely be our fault. because of you, i have a new room. but because of my new room, my grandmother had to leave, and stay alone. wonderful, good job. i so love my new room because it's so much better than a grandma. well done.
bahhh. is it written somewhere that i have to become like you? i really don't want to become a racist, prejudiced, self-assuming, narrow minded quarrelsome woman. yes yes you're too old to change, but what's the harm in looking at things our way for a change and giving everyone less stress. maybe you'll be less stressed out too huh.
it's really not very fair to be so anal, then make pa come knocking on our doors to apologise for you. it's not fair so just bugger off. arghhhhh. the prelims are over, and you want me to not slack. right. hello, even you take vacations, at least gimme a while to get back my mugging mood la. wah cow. if i could scowl, i would. pah. keeping me locked in the house isn't the brightest idea especially if i have my calvin and hobbes and comp with me. thanks ar, so my tan will fade, muscles will atrophy and social skills dwindle to nothing. yeah, then i'll *really* be exactly like you. i want to say something to you, it rhymes with duck. but i have to be respectful, and i have to not worry my dad too, so i will just shuddup. argh i hate myself, i'm so petty but i really can't let it go. let today be the day i start turning into you. wooo.

one more thing, give him a break. give all of them a break. if you let people do things for themselves, by themselves, without you breathing down their neck all the time, maybe they'd get it right too. you don't need everything to be done your way, so just leave those poor guys alone okay. if he dies before you, i'll blame you.
i hate you today. i hope this doesn't last.

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