Sunday, September 26, 2004

cured in a single afternoon

went grocery shopping and now everything's fine. don't know why, you can never hate anyone for long. shouldn't anyway :) heehee, i have straight hair! but it's slowly curling up so it'll be normal tomorrow. i paid $16 instead of the usual $7 cos the woman asked which sec school i was in and i said i'm j2 so there goes my small kid discount. but it came with a head massage, a neck massage, a back massage, 3 different girls desperately trying to straighten my hair and maybe about one inch of hair being cut off =p in the end it looked longer than before cos it's straight. i'm so sleepy.

luckily it dint turn out like shit, like...
1. my p4 haircut where the woman cut my ear and it was like 2 flapping pieces
2. my p5 haircut where it was too short and went i went on holiday this woman chased me out of the ladies toilet
3. my sec2 haircut where it was like a little boy's.. that was rather cute i think but nvm hahaha.
ah well. now i know why z hui told me to not cut too short, or chop off my ponytail. i always die laughing at my old photos heehee. k bye! =)

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