Thursday, September 30, 2004


heya. heehee dun you just love e.b. white and his cute quirky animal stories... they're even better than dan brown =p oh well, to each his own. i can still remember the entire first page of words from charlotte's web, i dunno why. if only i had been as enthu for lit in sec school as i was for english in p4/5/6 =)

let's trace the evolutionary steps of emily and her internet greetings. started out with icq and initially, saying "harloe" was meant to sound neutral; not overly friendly and somewhat woeful to project a cool image. ya right. then i dropped that nonsense and landed up saying "heyy" like alvinloke cos i had a typing problem and my finger got a bit trigger happy with the "y" button on the keyboard. eventually i had msn AND icq and took to "halo!" just for the fun of it- since i learnt how to use the invis function, i never had to talk to anyone who would make me unhappy. then after my mac, msn just kept shutting down so icq was left all alone, so i dint even bother saying hi, just launching into my usual ranting and raving mode. okay maybe the occasional "hey dear" to my dears =) and finally, right now, "boo/oi/eh/wei/hello!" and "=)" make for good conversation starters, depending on who i talk to, and if i wanna scare them or not =p yay. this is ultimate boredom, tune in some other time for the historical development of emily and her (catastrophic) hair(styles)

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