Thursday, September 30, 2004

a slipping-down life

oh my goodness please stop raining! or rain till friday and stop at that. i want so badly to go to sentosa on saturday. but the forecast doesn't look too good. my horoscope (i was THAT bored at home today) says that i will have a family member who won't understand me getting in my way cos of old age. argh!

on a good note, for cancerians out there, you have a mightily favourable forecast. it says that tried and true friends will prove themselves to you and you are about to be barraged with love and affection. enjoy it. hoho so cute, i guess it's somewhat true. it may be vague and fit into any context, but the general direction is accurate i suppose. i have a habit of reading cancer before aquarius, since the beginning of rgs days. i wonder why. oh i know. guess =)

this is rather embarrassing. slacking is indeed infectious, and sloth contagious. my entire body is afflicted by it, especially my brain. daydreaming is my ecstacy and bio is absolute nightmare-dom. i think i've forgotten how to play touch. argh =( miss it, maybe if all goes well, i will get to go to sentosa, tan a bit, meet people with a rugby ball or something, and play in the sun and sand. ooh hon please read this and persuade your mum to persuade my mum into letting me go =) what a complicated plot... but so fun! haha byebye. it's back to homeostasis and lousy plants.

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