Wednesday, December 22, 2004


i think i'm over it! should i be happy or sad? relieved or regretful?

my mum has funny ways of remember the boys in my life.
someone ate 3 helpings of food at my house cos he gave up his lunch money for a poor boy AND left a humongous orang utan wrapped up and put under an umbrella - amos is now forever known as the generous and giving small boy. zhuang hui collected a birthday cake that was delivered to my house - birthday cake boy. the boy who lives all the way in porthchester avenue and is terribly tall - gabriel gn.

then there are boys who get lifts.
the one who goes to jelita sometimes and whose dad thinks i'm a decent girl blahblah... who else but junming O_o
shengrong who got a lift to 6th ave for ice cream and incidentally overheard my mum exclaim how hot an angmoh girl at the bus stop was.

lastly, who can forget the boy who took off his specs during an irs presentation (his own) cos of i dunno, vanity? and also left a present on the spikes of my gate, that inevitably got smashed - kaisiang's left a rather strange impression on my mother.

perhaps she does remember the more important stuff huh. hais i wish i had a hot boyfriend =D excuse the language, been out with z hui the whole day and am starting to go slightly wonky. still, it's nice to catch up and laugh so much. ooh hope mag wins something tonight. jia you! goodnight.

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