Monday, December 20, 2004

tarbet is a wonderful house

we got really really bored of walking around orchard road aimlessly, after buying yun's present. so hopped on a bus and visited rgs. wow the new block is really quite cool, plus there's a track and some new courts behind them. stupidly crawled (in a skirt. it was short.) below this spider web of raffia string to get across somewhere and took the lift up to look at our classrooms. always so thrilling to ride in an elevator we're not supposed to. though it really never stopped me and yun from (frequently) using it. checked class trays, for old time's sake. then crashed a handbell prac for a while, to cool off in the air conditioned drama t. i love the pond, the amphi, the mini amphi, rtc room, the canteen blahblahblah. haiii i miss our sec school days. but you know what, it's okay cos life's great and there's more to it than sec school =) okay this coming from someone who just said that life is dull.

after you msged me i jumped up and down like i was the one who got in haha, and told my parents. i dunno la, it's so happifying cos you were so happy haha. okay dinner time =p

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